The Eye of the Storm: Why We Stay Put

....right where you are!

I must admit that I have an issue with control. It comes from disappointments I endured earlier in life when people did not keep their word, and I was forced to be responsible for things that were outside of my scope of capacity or responsibility. I developed the habit of asking once, then just doing it myself to not risk disappointment, or being let down again. Since I am in a season of extreme change, that control thing is being severely tested, and I have been forced to just let go.

Is there a situation that you became impatient of, and took it over – only to do more harm than good? I have done it more than once. What I have realized as a person of faith is that sometimes I was telling the universe that what they had planned for me was not good enough. Because I couldn’t see it, I didn’t have an idea what or when it was coming, and as far as I was concerned, it was taking too much time. What was I giving up by doing things myself that were not for me to do? Did I fight on my own to get an article written when the universe planned to have a book published? Did you find a nice woman to date for a little while when the Universe had already found you a wife?

Sometimes we don’t have the answer to a situation, because we aren’t supposed to. It is an opportunity to sit and wait for a higher wisdom to act with us, or completely on our behalf. When I am not clear on something, I now adopt a hands off mentality, so I don’t make it any worse than it already is. Sit in faith right where you are, so the answer comes back to you. Hold tight – know that time is relative, and if you stay still, the best response will come. Just in time.

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