Why Women Need a Men’s Movement

Why Women Need a Men’s Movement


As we see a huge amount of energy aimed at women and having them move, shift and rise out of the house into powerful positions in a thriving & competitive work space, we see what I am calling the rise of women, once again. This has happened before and it is happening again, on a greater level, transformative and unique.

As we watch women-pro movements unfold, there is one side of the spectrum we have not talked about or even pursued.

My thought is this: if we are going to attempt to make a difference – if we are going to bring to light issues around women at home, in the work place, as a parent, financial responsibilities, we need to talk to the other group of humans who tread the same earth and meander their way through life’s great highs and lows – there are two sides to every coin – I am talking about MEN

As we mentor women, inspire and support them in their new and ever changing work space – we need to do the same for men.

As we educate women, encourage their confidence, enlighten them to greater powerful positions & encourage new phenomenas such as ‘lean in’ – we need to do the same for men.

It takes one to know one-we need to mentor women and men.

We need to enlighten and educate men as we do women on the possibilities of women taking senior roles and of more men being ”stay at home” or on ‘flexi’ timing.

The more we discuss and join these two groups together, rather than single-ing them out, the greater speed we shall make in our movement forward.

As we work within the realm of ‘girl power’, how about men?

We need a men’s movement. Rather than encouraging the eye rolling we can start to have men understand us. Through this they will start to see what is happening to us WILL and IS happening to them, just in a different capacity.

We debate post baby bodies and south facing boobs, and it is considered adequate dinner conversation.

How about man boobs and the possibility of erectile dysfunction?

Let’s take these conversations off the dinner menu and onto the kitchen table.

We all, all mankind, have hangups – men and women alike -to be presumptuous lets go with age old classics- women: homemakers / men:money makers

However, a huge shift is occurring and has occurred and in support of the shift, we need enlightenment around the power of the female species and the growth of a mans understanding around home / work / life – we need to support men and educate them as much as we do women, if not more. In my very personal opinion, it’s got to this stage, because a mans narrow vision of a woman has been allowed to fester through the years with no direct update and extra input of information.

We need to start with men first and then women!

Ravneet Vohra

Personal fashion stylist. Nutritionist.

Motivational speaker & writer


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