Why You Need to Love What You Do


There will be days when it will suck.

When nothing you do will work the way it should.

When you will be faced with one roadblock after another, and unable to move forward at all with your project.

When you will be met with rejection – your ideas will get rejected, your proposals will be brushed aside, your hand raised for “that assignment” will get ignored.

When the work you’ll have to do, to get to the work you want to do, will bore you to death.

When you will feel invisible, and you’ll wonder if anyone out there cares an iota about the work that you do.

When you will look at your work, your results, and feel dejected.  Because it won’t be of the caliber, quality you want it to be.

When you will question seriously why you even bother to do what you do.

Yes.  There will be days when it will suck.

And that’s exactly why you need to be doing something you love.

Because that’s the only way you’ll survive those days, when everything is gray (and it has nothing to do with the weather outside).

That’s the only way you’ll show up the next day anyway, regardless of what happened the day before.

That’s the only way you keep trying, going at it and working to get better at it.

Lou Blaser is the founder of Second Breaks, an online education company focused on helping people pursue and achieve a rewarding + fulfilling career.  

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