Why You Shouldn’t Fear The Journey To “Becoming”‘

dreamstime_xs_18943311The popular consensus is that the journey is oftentimes more rewarding than the destination, simply because it’s where we gather the lessons and strengths that lead us to understanding and growth. The longer you stay on the journey, the more you acquire skills that will ensure a successful and happy lifestyle. Still, every positive thing that you teach and learn from can drain you physically, emotionally and spiritually. If you are to continue to teach from a place of truths, then, you must know your own weaknesses.

Recently, I removed myself from my motivational blog of 5 years where I coach women on a journey to living their best lives. I needed time to reflect and work on important areas of myself that I’d avoided working on, in the name of helping others. I love the mission I’ve been given as a gift from the almighty- the mission of reawakening other women to find their  voice and step into their passion and purpose.

When we’re not living and walking in the power of “truth”, There could be many factors hindering the exploration of who we are and whose we are. We have been known to put our needs and wants aside for our children, careers and a host of friends, family and employees within the scope of our businesses and personal lives. This all consuming woman scenario could be labeled the “nurturing others syndrome” and although it’s not a bad thing to be loving, kind and compassionate to others, it’s a thing that requires balance, in order for us to continue to do the work we’ve been called to do.

During the downtime from my work as a woman motivator and empowerment coach, I took time for “Me”, in that I visited where I wanted,  with people I wanted and places I wanted to be- in support of my purpose for being. I also delved into other projects that helped keep my mind sharp, brought a smile to my face and kept me in tune to the person I am. Hard work for the right reasons is my motivator and so as I’ve joined with other women at Project Eve, I’m smiling because they are women I want to surround myself with in community and fellowship- all working toward their passion and purpose and walking in their truths!

Life never promised anyone a rose garden, but when you’re amongst like minded people, the world at large becomes a sweet smelling rose of purpose as your journey connects to the journey of so many others. The gifts of becoming begins with a single step and ultimately starts when you”re ready to become the woman you’ve always wanted to know. You’re in there, authentic woman. Your journey begins with you.

Clara Freeman is an activist and women’s advocate. She mentors women on their journey to living an authentic life from her home base and at her blog authentic-woman.net. Her popular ebook, A Life Toward AUhtneticity-My Authentic Woman Story can be found at Amazon.com Kindle and is currently trending at Barnes & Noble Nook selections. 

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