Why You Suck at Business (And Why It Doesn’t Matter)

Do you have a small business that earns less revenue than you hoped it would? Are you still struggling to pay your bills and get your business to fund your lifestyle? Does everything cost more than you thought? Do your marketing campaigns sometimes not work?

Yeah. Me too.It's Okay to Suck at Business

I’ve heard so many people say they won’t be entrepreneurs because they “suck at business” or they “don’t understand how to crunch the numbers.” And I’m telling you right now that these are excuses. Not being “good at business” didn’t stop me from quitting my job and starting my business planning firm with a capital investment of $170.

I spent $27,000 to get an MBA. I write business plans for a living. I teach people how to write their own plans and empower them to be wildly successful. And I suck at business just as much as you do. Maybe if I didn’t, I’d be a millionaire already (I’m still sure it’s coming). But it’s easy to argue that lots of millionaires suck at business too. There’s really no such thing as a business expert. It’s just that some of us have tried and failed more times than others, and we aren’t afraid to share our experiences to help other people learn.

A successful business is the result of a unique recipe, with ingredients like luck and blind faith and guts and vision. Yes, it also takes diligent planning. But your level of business knowledge on the day you launch your company matters very little. It’s a lot more about the help you seek and the work you do to make sure you have a product that anyone wants to buy, and a way to compel people to buy it.

You’re never going to be an expert, so get over it. All you can ever do is your best.

About me: I’m Jessica Oman, and I’ve been helping new entrepreneurs write their business plans since 2010. My new program, How to Write a Business Plan to Launch Your Entrepreneurial Journey, helps small business owners write their own business plans in under one month ).


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