Will Bots Be doing Your Job in the Near Future?

Could bots replace employees in future? This is a question we get asked by our readers all too often and the answer we usually give is yes. Although robots have been around since the 1980s, it is only over the past few years that many have come to learn about them. Maybe it is because they have been used less extensively unlike today. In the past, bots have been used to perform just a few specific tasks, such as helping search engines with their job by indexing web pages. Now they are being used extensively in every sector. Could this be the reason why bots have become significantly popular? Today bots can be used to perform almost any task.

  1. Customer Service

Instead of having to hire a customer service representative, organizations can now use bots to interact with clients and provide them with information that addresses their inquiries. In addition, they can deal with client complaints and help resolve them.

  1. Technical Assistance

Rather than having to create an IT department, companies can now use bots to diagnose and resolve system issues. This is because robots can effectively examine and fix everything in a company’s information technology infrastructure.

  1. Marketing

Many companies are now using bots to market their products or services. They argue that it is much cheaper than hiring marketing professionals yet the results are more or less the same.

  1. Manufacturing

Bots can be used extensively in the field of manufacturing. Companies like automobile, metal fabricators and others now use bots in the manufacture of their products. Visit your nearest metal fabricator to see how welding bots are being used to fabricate a wide range of products. Trust me you will be amazed at how these robots can work just as perfectly as human beings.

Studies indicate that bots could replace upto 800 million workers by 2030 in various jobs, including customer service, information technology, marketing as well as manufacturing. Reasons why bots could replace workers include:

  1. Bots Are Efficient

Bots work quite efficiently. Whether it is interacting with clients or fixing a problem in an organization’s computer infrastructure, they can do that with a high level of efficiency. This is something that many employers find to be quite appealing; hence they are turning to them.

  1. Cost Savings

Many organizations argue that it is much cheaper to work with bots than it is to employ real humans. Bots do not demand salaries, allowances and pensions like humans do yet they can work like human beings. Taking the never-ending tough economic times into account, analysts predict that employers may soon have no choice but to replace people with them.

Final Thoughts

There is no doubt about the fact that bots will replace humans in future. The only question is when. These machines are already doing human jobs in various sectors, including marketing, construction, manufacturing and so on and the results are so far so good. So, are you worried about losing your job to a bot one day? We would like to know your thoughts.


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