Will DasCoin Be the First-Ever Cryptocurrency to Go Mainstream?

After scaling to unprecedented heights in 2017, a combination of outright bans and sanctions from countries and banking institutions across the globe saw the price of Bitcoin slump incredibly.

With the bans and sanctions, one could foresee a digital currency revolution that could run out of steam.

The fact that a huge majority of cryptocurrencies insist on non-government or bank regulation and hostlarge networks of unverified users, make it hard for the digital coin brands to integrate with mainstream financial platforms and grow widespread adoption.

Could DasCoin have finally figured out how to tear through these stumbling blocks?

Here are some DasCoin benefits that may see DasCoin go mainstreamsoon after launching their Blockchain technology in Zurich, Switzerland?

  • Integration with over 60 million merchants online

They call this “Digital Enablement”. The company reports it figured a major challenge to increasing adoption was the few numbers of merchants on-boarded onto blockchain technology.

They are rolling out DasPay, an on-device architecture based on Host Card Emulation (HCG) technology. What the technology does is allow DasCoin usersto carry their card-like e-wallets to use for transactions in different spots where DasPay is accepted.

A DasPay users only need to use their Near Field Communication (NFC)enabled devices to pay for products or services wirelessly in a few minutes.

The HCG technology combined with the NFC aspect is supported by about 60 million merchants such as Visa, Japan Credit Bureau, MasterCard, and UnionPay (China). This would mean DasCoin could help its users accessmore merchant stores than Bitcoin’s 150,000 merchants worldwide.

  • DasCoin Uses Bank-Standard Authentication

For the digital enablement to work seamlessly, DasCoin figured it would need to host a network of authenticated DasCoin users.

The company has a central management structure to help oversee this. Theirhuman managersensure users are verified using the banking-standard Know Your Customer (KYC) procedure.

What this means is transacting with DasCoin is likely to be safer, less haphazard and hassle-free, attracting even more mainstream users.

The industry’s lack of a robust KYC authentication in the past had led to financial crimes such as extortion and terrorism funding to go on unabated. That is probably why fewer people have felt comfortable engaging in cryptocurrency trading out of a fear of losing money.

  • Faster, More Efficient Core Technology

DasCoin’s Consortium Blockchain technology seems to have been built with scalability in mind. So while it does pretty much everything else other blockchain systems do, their Consortium blockchain is leaner and faster than most.

The speed factor plays out evidently in transaction speeds. The ecosystem has the capacity to process 100,000 transactions for every seconds and payments only take 6 seconds, which is way ahead of most altcoins.

  • Mainstreaming crypto trading and exchanges

The company has also announced it is rolling out a pioneering Electronic Communications Network (ECN). ECN is an exchange trading technology that is connecting the largest banks in foreign exchange.

It even allows third-party players to participate in DasCoin trading via a plug-in such as MetaTrader.

Together with these measures, DasCoin is also working to become fully compliant with Combating Financing for Terrorism (CFT) and Anti-Money Laundering policies. And this could further position it as a mainstream digital currency devoid of the negatives of either fiat money, Bitcoin and other altcoins.


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