Will Facebook Instant Articles Make Content Marketing Easy?

The pace of change for digital marketing is a fast one, and keeping up with new trends and useful tools requires time and effort. However, the value of using the latest digital marketing tools can save time and enhance the end users’ experience with effective marketing campaign. The powerful virtual tools of display advertising, search marketing, pay-per-click affiliate marketing and social media marketing create a suite of products that provide many unique and useful methods for promoting your business.

Easy Access to Meaningful Content on Facebook

Meaningful website content drives prospective customers to your website, and your informative SEO articles can be very effectively marketed through social media. However, social media users typically need to leave Facebook’s platform to view your website’s content, which can lead to slow-loading pages and a diminished user experience. Facebook has developed a product to more quickly provide your content within Facebook’s platform, and it also preserves the look and feel of your published website. Facebook Instant Articles is a new and unique method for promoting your content on social media that provides a better experience for the user.

Instant Articles: Now Available to All Publishers

After completing a successful trial period, Facebook is making Instant Articles available to all publishers. The trial period provided the opportunity to fine tune the product, and it is being rolled out with a wide array of features that are available to users of Android and iOS devices. With the ability to load articles up to ten times more quickly, Facebook Instant Articles promises to remove slow-loading roadblocks for a streamlined user experience.

A Reduction in Page-Loading Time

To the user, Facebook Instant Articles will appear to be a regular article link to your website. However, when clicking on the article link, the content will open inside Facebook rather than directing the user to a separate location. Loading time is greatly reduced, and the user can read the article immediately without waiting for pages to redirect and load. By eliminating delays, the user will not endure frustrating wait times, and he or she can read your mobile article within seconds.

A Friendly Format for Readers

Through interactive features, Facebook Instant Articles also provides auto-play videos and a customizable layout. By displaying your SEO content inside Facebook, your article will also be optimized for mobile devices, and the user will not need to adjust the zoom or close PPC advertising pop-ups to read the article. Animated maps and collaborative features provide a rich selection of options for both publishers and end users.

Instant Article Trials Reveal Promise

Based on publisher and user feedback during the trial period, Facebook has adapted and refined many of the Instant Articles features to appeal to a wide audience. The trial allowed publishers to comment on their experiences with Facebook Instant Articles, and the results included an increase in website visitors, repeat visits by unique visitors and an increase in SEO-optimized article sharing. The statistics speak to the Facebook Instant Articles ease of use, and they reflect an improvement in the way articles are read and shared across social media. Because Facebook has become a primary source for news and content sharing, this is a significant development in the way that social media is used.

Risks and Rewards

To benefit from Instant Articles, publishers need to ensure that SEO articles are compatible with Facebook’s policies. The options don’t include some types of native pay-per-click advertising or article formatting. This may mean that some publishers will lose standard pathways of revenue, and this could be a risk for many publishers to take. At the same time, publishers who are willing to make changes to their article format stand to benefit from the features and positive attributes of Facebook Instant Articles, so it seems that it may be a risk worth taking.

Branded Content and Advertising

Branded content is compatible with Facebook Instant Articles, and it can also be included in the related articles section of your published articles to keep users engaged in your content. This provides another option for search marketing and generating revenue, although it may require significant content changes for some publishers who currently use a different type of format. Advertising is limited to one promotion for every 350 words, and PPC revenue that is not sold through Facebook’s Audience Network goes directly to the publisher. Although the amount of advertising is restricted, it helps to preserve the loading speed and creates a better experience for the end user.

What End Users See

Social media users will see a small lightning bolt icon on articles that have been published with Facebook Instant Articles, and they must be using the most recent version of the Android or iOS Facebook application in order to access the Instant Article features. Each Instant Article will contain a link to the original article on the publisher’s website, and the article will remain branded while it is shared throughout social media. The users’ experience should be seamless and efficient.

How to Get Started

Publishers who wish to use Instant Articles must sign up with Facebook to do so; a guide is provided to get started with utilizing this product. Approval to use Instant Articles is a process that can take time, as new publishers must submit samples of their first articles for review prior to publishing them within Facebook. Customized HTML5 markup is required, and customizable WordPress plugins can optimize articles and style options for the the Facebook Instant Articles features.

Instant Articles: Preview and Review

When using Facebook Instant Articles, you can preview the format and review the piece for errors prior to submitting it for review. Articles that are of high-quality content and are error free are they key to a trouble-free review. Once publishers are set up with Instant Articles, the creation process can be automated for ease of use. The required article review prevents common errors and ensures that users will have a positive experience with your articles.

Facebook is the New Primary News Source

The current model of sharing website content links on social media may soon be a thing of the past as the powerful features of Facebook Instant Articles gain traction with both publishers and users. The trends point to publishers posting high-quality articles directly to social media platforms for an enhanced user experience. In fact, Facebook has taken over for Google as the primary platform for directing users to news sources. Hosting the content is just the next step in what has been a definitive change throughout social media.

Although complex and ever-changing, new products and methods of search marketing and attracting readers or potential customers requires new processes and ways of thinking. As a website publisher investing in marketing, there is a learning curve to Facebook Instant Articles to work through and understand. However, the rewards can be many, and as a social media user yourself, you can also reap the benefits of faster browsing and article viewing.


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