Will Google Make or Break Your First Date?

Google's Impact on Your Dating Life

From the moment a man walks through the door to meet his blind date, the clock is ticking. She’s sizing him up, checking him out and attempting to determine whether or not she’ll agree to see him again. According to an article in Happen Magazine, women in this situation will give their male dates an entire hour to impress them. Some women might even let their dates hang out for more than an hour before dismissing them altogether.

A lot can happen in an hour. Men might feel comfortable discussing their jobs, their families and their hobbies, and they might even be able to explain one or two negative things that have happened to them in the past. In no time at all, the two might be inseparable.

But what if that first date never happens? For the estimated 40 million people who try online dating, or the zillions who meet future dates through friends or colleagues, an invitation to a date is followed directly by a search on Google. If that search delivers tricky details, the date might fizzle before it even begins.

Every person might has his/her list of deal breakers for a date, but most people would consider these kinds of issues red flags:

    • Mugshots

    • Arrest records

    • Nude photos

    • Evidence of a recent marriage (or a marriage still in progress)

    • Hateful rants concerning prior dates or romantic partners

If these problems appear in the first few pages of search results, people searching for you online may come away feeling that you’re not quite ready for the dating world, and they might quickly run in the opposite direction.

There are some issues that simply can’t be avoided, including written works that don’t conform to the other person’s world view, but most experts suggest that a date-ready person will provide a few basic details on a search, including a clean and successful LinkedIn profile, an articulate blog and a few choice photos of the person with pets and friends. This is the kind of social media “brand” that screams security and availability, and it’s the sort of profile most people would respond to with happiness and maybe a touch of eagerness.

It’s worth mentioning that there is a bit of backlash afoot about the so-called “predating” phenomenon. In fact, Glamour magazine published an article entitled, “Why You Should Stop Googling Your Dates.” It’s clear that many people have been burned by the this phenomenon, and perhaps people who search are being a bit too picky and throwing away love before giving a partner a reasonable shot. Unfortunately, we don’t think it’s likely that people will resist the temptation to Google before they head out the door for a date. All the information is out there, just begging to be found, and it’s just too easy to find it. Even though people think they shouldn’t lean on Google, most people will.

So what can you do if your search brings back page upon page of negative data? It’s time to get proactive. Make that LinkedIn profile shine with your professional accomplishments, and start sharing a few photos of your adorable dogs on Instagram and Twitter. Write about your breakfast on Facebook, and remove all photographs of your guns and your vampire figurines. And if you’re still having trouble, visit www.internetreputation.com. We can help to remove mugshots, negative blog entries, courtroom documents and more. You’ll be date worthy in no time at all.

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