What You Will Need For An Efficient SEO Strategy

There are millions of articles suggesting thousands of different ways to rank highly in Google. Many entrepreneurs got lost hopping from strategy to strategy without success, anxiously reading blogs for the latest technique.


If you’re competing with big brands for very popular keywords then you absolutely need to understand the latest SEO techniques, but in all honesty if that is the case you should probably hire a professional who can focus on this for you. You’re playing in the big leagues.


However, many businesses are either competing in their local area or for more niche keywords. They don’t have the budget or really the need to spend big bucks on an agency. They can do some or all of their SEO themselves.


Let’s take a look at the output of an 80:20 analysis of SEO. This won’t let you play in the big leagues but will put you ahead of the vast majority of businesses.

Great Content Creation

Google wants to send people to great content that answers their question. This one is as simple as give Google what it wants.


There was a time when SEO involved the use of large amounts of poor quality content. Unsurprisingly Google has caught on and this doesn’t work anymore.


Write great content that you would be pleased to find if you were searching Google. Include images and videos and break it up with lists, headings and the like. This way when people hit your page people will stay and read your content. The time that someone stays on your site is a signal that Google uses to assess how good your content is.


More importantly it means that customers will see your business as professional and educated. Take as much care of the content on your site and you would for a business brochure and you won’t go far wrong.

Track Everything

Google analytics and other packages allow you to track everyone that comes to you site. It can answer questions like – What keyword did they search with? Which page did they land on? Which pages did they then navigate to? Did they complete a contact form?


This data is a goldmine for you to use to understand which customers and searches produce enquiries provided you take the time to review it. It can be daunting at first, but learning how to analyse your data to get actionable insights is worth every second.


One you have learned your way around Google analytics the next thing is to learn your way around Excel, if you’re not already proficient with it. A good place to start for this if you’re not is this course on Excel for SEO.


You’re now set and can crunch data to your heart’s content. This will allow you to drop poor campaigns and do more of what works.

Great Remote Workers

You can’t do everything yourself. As a company owner you’ll have to get involved and should be directing where people are spending time and money but unless you’re just getting started you probably won’t have time to do everything.


Upwork and other freelancing platforms have lots of great freelancers from all over the world. Take the time to speak to a few people and look at their reviews. There are some extremely talented people available in the Philippines and all over the Far East who can produce high quality work for a fraction of the cost of an SEO based in the first world.


It can take a little time but once you have found someone good hold onto them. They’re worth their weight in gold.


There you have it. Three keys to getting your SEO moving in the right direction. Good luck!


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