Will Your Business Idea Work or Fall Flat?


Relying on your business idea, are you ready to work hard and take some bold decisions with a calculated risk? Mark the words “calculated risk” as it is way too different from putting everything at risk.

There are a number of situations possible with your new business idea. Depending on your business idea, it can walk, run, fly, or may even fall flat. With a business startup, there is a lot on stake for the owner and a failure is affordable for very rare ones. Hence, being cautious and aware to the abilities (and inabilities) of an idea can be the decisive factor for your success.

To help you know if the idea that you are planning to work on is actually worth your time and investment, here are some important guidelines that you can follow:

Invention is Not Necessity

We have seen some great entrepreneurs rising to the success and fame because of their innovations. Definitely, they make great success stories. But, that is not the only way to succeed in business.

Instead of giving endless thoughts on inventing a new product or service, a simple improvement with the existing ones can be very rewarding. Sharpen your idea on the practical usage of the product from the user’s perspective. Be thoughtful about innovations with marketing strategies, targeting customers, and advertising.

An ‘out of the box’ product involves a high amount of risk and demands great hard work. A completely new product means that you need a completely new market. It appears to be a very luring opportunity, but the harsh reality is that unless the innovative product is unbelievably amazing, the market will not build up for you.

Life Expectancy of the Idea

A smart business idea can get a perfect take-off for the business, but that does not guarantee the length of the flight. Most new entrepreneurs are able to analyze the current condition of the market and with that they are able to plan the initiation of business. But, as the market condition heats up, the business melts down.

Keep your idea in pace with foresight of the market. Even a startup in the tough market situation can be a smart move. Future prospects, quality product, hard work, and intelligent strategy make the best recipe for the business to dwell in the low competition zone that the tough market situation offers.

Idea Should Follow a Path, Not Labyrinth

Once you have an idea get the directions it will lead you to. Can you plan achievable targets with your idea? Will you be able to execute a long-term strategy for your business with it? Does your idea demand you to bite something more than you can chew?

Handling business is never as easy as a walk in the park, but that does not mean that you make it too complex to work upon. Some hindrances and shortcut will arrive on their own and you would have to deal with them. But at the start, your idea should trust the power of simplicity and follow the ‘step by step’ practices for growth.

Get Filter for Your Ears

This is, perhaps, the toughest part.

When you share that you are working on an idea and you are about to get in the arena of business, countless suggestions, advice, and guidance will start pouring on you. They will offer encouragement in inches and discouragement in miles. And only you can analyze which is genuine and worth consideration. If you are able to do that, then you will have the best verdict on your idea. It gives you a list of threats and opportunities that can come your way.

Prosper your idea further on how you can deal with the threats and make use of opportunities.

Some Jumping Jacks before Running is Necessary

Because the customers are the ones who will actually bring the profit for you, it is important to know what they think of your product or service. Well, asking them for the feedback is a story after the launch. But before you go out in the market, be your own customer.

Use the product yourself. And then ask yourself if you are satisfied with its use. Ask a few of your friends, relatives and experts in the field to try the product. Gather their honest say on it. Feasibility of idea is now well known to you.

Final Note

One of Christopher Nolan’s famous science fictions mentioned idea as the most resilient parasite and we do have some reasons to agree with that.

If you have the right intent, you will get the business started. You must be positive with your approach. Wayne Gretzky, a former Ice Hockey player, said, “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take”. But he did not say you will score a goal with every touch on the puck. There are various factors that can support or weaken the business and among them all your business idea is the most important factor. Make sure that it clicks for you.

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