Women and the Power to Influence in Social Media

Women in Social Media
Women in Social Media

Women and the Power to Influence in Social Media

Several years into my writing, social media and digital marketing career, I feel that I am lucky enough to watch the landscape of these fields change. Ten years has brought so much development in technology and social media that it is quite overwhelming to look at them all and take in the changes—both good and bad. I am most proud of how long women in technology have come and their power to influence through social media.

From mediocre web content writing where writing for quantity and not quality was encouraged, spamming, creation of fake social network accounts and hiding behind fake names to building genuine relationships, making friends with people of the same industry online and helping each other grow in the field, I must say that I am so proud of how social media has come a long way. The field of technology has always been dominated by males and women were given very little roles until big names such as Sheryl Sandberg, Marissa Mayer and a lot more made headlines in the industry. These women are not afraid to succeed in the male dominated field of expertise and they are empowering women as they carry out their roles in their respective companies that they lead.

Social Media, the Platform to Share Empowerment Advocacies

Empowerment of women and social media as a platform to share ideas and transmit them to thousands of viewers has never been this easy. From primitive times when messages can easily be censored, the power to influence is not impossible anymore because it can easily be done through social networking sites, blogs and other social media networks. The good news is that a lot of women are already taking advantage of their power to influence by writing inspirational articles, blog posts and other shareable content that makes spreading of advocacies easy.

The following are great blogs/websites of women who are rocking social media and encouraging women to break free from the bell jar that holds
them in.

Lean In
Girls Globe
Women in World
Girls Who Code
Project Eve
Hey Amber Rae
Sheryl Sandberg
Marissa Mayer

What are some other advocates/groups for women on the web have you found inspiring? Share your finds with me as I am rethinking the structure of my website to make it an inspirational one as well.

Gail Monique Mallo is a Social Media Manager for a tech startup based in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. She is passionate in women empowerment, health campaigns, social media, tech and writing.

She writes on the corporate blog www.fissionlink.com/blog and on her personal one .


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