Work Life Balance: Finding Time for My Business

clocks-300x224In business as in life it seems like as soon as you get one area under control and running smoothly, there’s another one that needs your immediate attention. For me that area is finding time to keep up with my own social media.

As a VA offering social media management to my clients, I am on various social media platforms at some point every day. I have a schedule for each of them, follow it faithfully, and they have seen tremendous growth in engagement, followers, and interest in their services because of it. I have first hand proof that scheduling social media works, so why am I having such a hard time doing it for myself? I think part of the problem is that I don’t set aside enough time to deal with my own business needs.

As a VA and a new business owner, my focus has been solely on my clients and making sure all their needs are being taken care of to the point that I start to neglect my own. At the end of the day I don’t always have the energy or desire to go online and engage in my own social media, or I’ll go on one platform with the intention of being on for a short period of time only to realize that I spent so much time there that I don’t have time to visit any others. While I have a presence on all the major social media platforms, I focus the majority of my engagement on three of them, with less frequent but consistent posts on the other two.

I’ve been consistent enough in my engagement that if I go ‘dark’ or offline for a few days, I get comments like “where have you been” or “we missed you”, which is a good feeling and let’s me know that my social media interactions are making an impact and I truly have connected with people. I really enjoy social media and all the wonderful people I have met and virtual friendships I’ve made, but finding the time to focus on my own social media has been difficult lately.

I have to start making better use of the same social media tools and strategy that I use for my clients for myself. I have to build time in my schedule to take care of my own business needs and in doing so, I won’t feel the frustration and overwhelm of trying to play catch up in my own business.

Has anyone else ever experienced this?

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