Working From Home With Kids – 8 Tips

Some days working from home with kids is a necessity. When you are a parent invariably one kids gets sick and you’ll need to wait out the contagious phase until they are ready to go back to school. Or perhaps you are based out of your home and the kids have a snow day.  It would be great if we could take this time to just hang but invariably calls and deadlines can’t get pushed.  Maybe you have chosen this mode of work so that you can spend more time with your kids at home. Kids, especially the young ones can be handful when you are working and you may need to devise a way to manage them so that you can work. Below are some tips you can use to manage your kids.

Working from home with Kids Survival Kit

Working from Home with Kids Tip #1 Make your house childproof

This is important if your children are toddlers. The child can go anywhere in the house without you worrying about their safety. This will give you time to work as the child explores.

Working from Home with Kids Tip #2 Have a routine

Children get accustomed to routines. You should, therefore, set up a routine, for instance, you can set aside time for eating, taking naps and for you to play with them. With that the children can be manageable since they know what to expect.

Working from Home with Kids Tip #3 Let the children play games

Games can help to keep the children busy so that you can work. You can get toys for your children to play with especially if they are young children.


Working from Home with Kids Tip #4 Make the children understand that you are working

When the toddler is old enough he or she can understand that you are working. Try to explain to them that you are working and you do not desire to be disturbed when working. You can designate a working place where the children know that they should not make noise or come with toys to play. Older children are easy to manage since they can understand that you need to work and you do not want to be disturbed.

Working from Home with Kids Tip #5 Let them watch some TV

Sometimes you can keep the children busy by allowing them to watch the television. Get them their favorite programs and movies. Designate particular time for watching the TV so that the children can also take part in other activities. There are plenty of educational shows to choose from now so you need not worry that allowing from some screentime isn’t going to ruin them forever.

Working from Home with Kids Tip #6 Teach the kids some signals or sign language

Sometimes you are busy on the phone and the child wants to talk to you. You can devise a way to communicate using signs. This will ensure that there is no noise to distract the calls. It could be a nod or a smile, a wave of hand or shaking of the head. You might not have to fuss with the mute button if your kids understand when you put a finger to your lips to tell them to be quiet or they can show you they are going to another room.

Working from Home with Kids Tip #7 Let them play on a tablet

Like with TV so long as it doesn’t bleed into the whole day some time spent on educational apps can even be beneficial. When my son was learning to read Super Why and Reading Raven were great supplements to the other work we were doing. You can even get them to do something creative like make a five-minute movie about something they find in their room.

Working from Home with Kids Tip #8 Keep a Stash of New Toys and Crafts

I like to keep a stash or crafts, games and toys my kids have never seen. Generally, if they are home because they are sick or the weather is too bad to go to school they will get antsy at some point a great Lego kit or craft project can keep them entertained for hours so long as you pick something that doesn’t need too much supervision from you. (This toy stash can be a great resource you can raid if you need a last minute birthday gift.)  For kids that can read already having a couple great classics on hand can keep them occupied for the whole day…they may have watched The Princess Bride but have they read it? If your kids read on a Kindle even better let them select a special book for the day.

The main reason why you may be working with kids in your house is so that you can also spend time with them. It is in the best interest that you device away in which you can work and at the same time spend time with them.

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