Would You Consider Working From Home?

Would You Consider Being An HR Consultant Who Works From Home?


If you work for an organization, what would make you consider working from home? 

Have you ever thought of taking your special skills and talent and working for yourself vs. for an organization?  People are either very happy working for someone else and would never consider working on their own or they have thought about it and considered working on their own, but worry about not having the security of a paycheck.

Those individuals who work at home love it and would never consider going back to work for an organization.

I have done both, I have worked for organizations for almost thirty years.  One day I had a life changing event.  This caused me to make numerous changes in my life and Consulting from home was one of them.

I am one of those individuals who thought about working from home but hadn’t taken that plunge because I feared not having the security of a paycheck.  But since I had this life changing event, the decision was made for me and now I fit in to the working from home classification.

This is not an easy transition, if I had been able to plan it out, things may have been a lot easier.  It has been a rough and rocky road, and still is, but I know it will all come together with time, determination, and hard work.

Don’t ever be afraid to ask others for help if you don’t know something.  There are people out there who will help.  The biggest mistake you can make is being afraid to admit that you don’t know it all.

Find your niche that will set you apart from others, target that niche market, and make the services you offer unique.  Make sure you set up your website, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, and Google + accounts in order to assist you in marketing and forming your brand.

Have faith in yourself, don’t give up, stay focused, follow-up and be consistent.  You can make it work you just have to want it bad enough!

Just my thoughts!  Your comments are welcomed!


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