5 Electric Tea Kettles Amazon Reviewers Swoon Over

Electric Tea Kettles were a revelation I only stumbled upon in my 40’s. How did I not know this is how the rest of the world heats water for tea, coffee, cooking pretty much anything you can think of. I hate the screeching, tooting, or whistling of an oven top kettle particularly when I am ‘un-caffeinated’ first thing in the morning.  The microwave is hit or miss. How had hot pots flourished in college dorms across the country when electric tea kettles never caught on? Who knows. However, now that tea and pour over coffee cultures are thriving so it seems are electric tea kettles. Several years ago when I first looked there weren’t many options. I really disliked the plastic ones. The options that offered temperature controls were all pretty expensive. For anyone looking to brew the perfect cup of green tea or even a coffee pour-over, they’d have to fork over a pretty penny. I was close to just rolling the dice on a stove top kettle but I found a nice stainless steel one for under $50.

Its been great! We use it for tea, coffee, and in meal prep daily multiple times a day. When I decided to look at electric tea kettles again to give one as a gift I can see that the options have definitely improved!  We looked we found tons of reasonably priced five-star reviewed electric tea kettles reviewers were positively swooning over. Digital controls, precise settings, glass carafes, gooseneck for accurate pours, you name the feature and Amazon has a ton of great options at reasonable prices.  Take a look at the array of options below and pick the one that best meets your needs. You’ll be surprised at how fast, eas,y and quiet heating up your next cup will be!

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