Yahoo CEO Marissa Meyer’s Telecommute Decision-Hit Or Miss?

How did we get here? What really prompted Yahoo CEO Marissa Meyer’s decision to reel in all of her telecommuters. Did she see a lack of motivation in achieving above standard work from a more relaxed environment? Was it the over zealous efforts of a female executive trying to stake her claim in a still male dominated org chart landscape? After all, the same opposing missiles would be aimed at whichever gender base yielded the less than favorable decision.

The topic doesn’t need a name or face. Pressing is the question of why such a drastic measure was taken in the first place. Any number of things behind the firewall could have triggered it. What we know for sure is that by early summer 2013 the mentality of all ashore that’s going ashore will be the new addendum and the ship may sail without many of it’s crew members.

For the foreseeable future at least, Yahoo’s work from home allowance is no longer the mainstay. The dynamics have changed at least for now. But, did CEO Marissa Mayer get it right? Maybe. The underlying reasons may not be as transparent as removing those less motivated individuals from the ranks. From the message boards sprout righteous indignation, complaints of micro-managing and cut-backs as the target. That is the media cooler version.

However, according to Forbes magazine, the 37 year-old Meyer, who made the diamond-cut list of successful corporate raiders, utilized data analytics in reaching her decision to ban telecommuting. Prior to Yahoo she left Google on a strong career high note, making her and her new employer’s agendized wish list abundantly clear: strengthening Yahoo’s franchise in email, finance and sports. As if that wasn’t enough star power, her priors included assisting in taming the shrew, namely, joining Walmart’s corporate board in 2012. Whipping up a batch of mighty changes before briskly entering the rank and file of the aforementioned Google, which gave her the force, courage and stamina to rule as Yahoo’s current lion king.

This is some of what we know about Meyer..and bravo by the way. But does her wielding a mighty blow of her scepter against telecommuting segments mean curtains for the rest of us who heavily rely on it? Not one bit. Before we pick up the proverbial picket signs and create another movement. Take a look at a few of the positive aspects of working from home for the average entrepreneur and why, try as they might, naysayers cannot rule out the masses of successful stay at home workers as an

Building Confidence In Creating Your Career Your Way-The framework of terms in the workplace are set and applied per your standards, your efforts. No answering to someone else and having the frustration of having to go along for the ride when you didn’t want to be a passenger on any level. If you like red pens, use them.

Childcare-Parents can spend up to a mind-blowing 40% of their monthly wages on childcare. Not to mention the gas, time and effort to get them there in the first place.

Child Rearing and Bonding-To further the point, Dr Laura in a December 5, 2012 blog entitled, “Day Cares Don’t Care”, she remarked that even the best facility cannot provide what your child needs most: one-on-one nurturing, loving time, which is crucial for their well-being and development. Spending countless hours away from home only to make it in time with the cool brevity of a pat on the for a good night well-wish is simply not enough.

Scheduling Is In The Palm Of Your Hands-No you don’t have to attend the mundane weekly staff meeting where everyone knows your name but yet, never quite gets why they are in the room. The routine never gets any better either, no matter how many donuts they let you eat. Instead, since you are the boss, you make the call on where and when to time manage.

Personal Space-Not having to share a cubicle or the internal wars over who gets the conference room after discovering that it was overbooked..again. Or being bumped because you are not as important or didn’t have the same connections as you fellow workmate who seems to surprisingly get his requests met each and every time.

Saving Against Rising Fuel Costs-Pain at the pump is more incentive to park it.

Budgeting-How often did you suck your teeth when all you wanted for the new year was a desk calendar? Right? Now you can find the best options for all the supplies you need and be happy about the end result and not just the bottom line.

Peace of Mind-Yes, you have to make some tough choices along the way but they are your choices to make. It is almost always every employees dream to be the boss for a day so they can make whatever moves thought to be the best and wouldn’t you know it, some of the decision might be right. You will have the satisfaction of making and owning the decisions on a daily basis instead of casting your ballot into the black hole that is your team’s suggestion box.

Speaking on that last point, it is hoped that thorough research and planned development went to this ripple-effect decision of Marissa Meyer’s. Her employees, for whatever it is worth, may find solace in the fact that in this economy they still have employment. If the worst of it is that they have to share a work space, I for one would take that over a cardboard box.

And let’s face it, if you really think that the Yahoo CEO’s decision was not well thought out, you could always send her a suggestion of your own. I know I did, because fundamentally, work place or work space, all is not fair in love and war.


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