Why Yahoo Merchant Solutions Is On the Top Ten List of Ecommerce Platforms – But It’s Not Number 1

Ecommerce is by no means the new kid on the block when it comes to retail, but it is the kid that seems to keep having huge growth spurts over the summer holidays. According to a Forrester report, the amount of money spent via ecommerce in the US will have risen 13.4% since 2012 by the end of the year, hitting roughly $231 billion. In just over 3 years’ time, ecommerce is expected to make up a whopping 10% of all US retail sales. It’s little wonder then that more and more startups are turning to the world of ecommerce to sell their products.

Ecommerce platforms offer businesses a way to create a complete ecommerce site easily and quickly. An ideal platform will be easy to use, reliable and secure for both businesses and their customers while offering scalability to grow with a company’s needs as the company itself grows. Yahoo Merchant Solutions is one of the platforms that claims to be your businesses best chance of tapping into this wonderland of retail by making it “easy to get an online store up and running.”

Top Ten Reviews is part of the Tech Media Network. Their team of expert reviewers has taken a look at the most popular ecommerce platforms including Yahoo Merchant Solutions and rated them according to their performance, value for money and anything else you would expect from an expert review site for consumers. Yahoo Merchant Solutions made it to the number 8 spot in the coveted top ten list because it’s got some great advantages for people wanting to build their online retail empire.

Easy To Use – the Yahoo ecommerce platform is simple to use with a number of wizards set up to take the user step by step through designing the website itself and uploading products etc. This kind of guidance can really cut down time when it comes to setting a site up which is highly attractive to businesses who are chomping at the bit to get their products out there on the World Wide Web.

Price – Pricing for Yahoo Merchant solutions begins at $39.95 which is fairly cheap in the world of ecommerce platforms. In fact, it’s $17.37 below the category average and cheaper than all of the top 3 competitors on the list. Set up is completely free too.

Design – Users can choose from over 380 design templates for their Yahoo online store. That’s more than the number one platform in the list. Web design is a major factor for ecommerce sites so it’s essential for businesses to be able to express themselves through their website. If the design is wrong, it can make a huge difference to the bottom line for a business. A larger number of templates to choose from gives site owners the opportunity to set up a site that falls in line with their personal brand quickly. For those who really want to stand out from the crowd, there are options to customize templates.

Security – A major contributor to an online retailer’s success is the perceived trustworthiness of the site. Consumers want to make sure their hard-earned cash is safe. Yahoo Merchant Solutions uses secure servers with 128 bit encryption to ensure that customer’s details are protected.

Products and Payment – Users can upload up to 50,000 products to their inventory, offering lots of scope to the growing online retailer. There’s a good choice of payment methods on offer with the shopping cart including:

· Credit cards

· PayPal

· Check

· Money Order

Making it to the top ten is a great achievement considering the number of ecommerce software vendors that are available today. But number eight isn’t the same as number one. So what is it that’s letting Yahoo Merchant Solutions down and what’s keeping it out of the top 3 with Volusion, Shopify and Cart Elite?

Although there are a number of features within Yahoo Merchant Solutions, there is a distinct lack of anything beyond a basic level. For instance, there are a number of marketing tools such as affiliate programs, and sharable product pages but integration with other platforms is severely lacking.

One of the biggest let downs for the Yahoo software is the fact that it doesn’t have a mobile application. With mobile sales in the US alone expecting to reach $25.4 billion by the end of the year compared to $15.2 billion in 2012 and the hand in hand compatibility that online shopping and mobile marketing share, not offering customers a mobile solution seems to be crazy.

Yahoo is good but basic. Other platforms offer more customization for sites and better marketing tools. For those who are not technical at all but want to set up a great looking online store quickly and easily, Yahoo Merchant solutions could be a good fit. But for anyone looking for a more unique site with more in depth marketing tools, a little more research could be required.


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