Leadership: You Are the Boss & Your Team Wants to Follow


Being the boss isn’t always easy. In fact, at times it can be quite stressful and overwhelming. Keeping the pace, making hard decisions, meeting client demands – all while maintaining a creative and competitive edge, can very quickly become way too much.

So before you have a melt down or burn yourself out with the busy-ness of running the business… slow down, take a step back and remember you are the boss and your team wants to follow you.

As the boss, you are the leader of your company. What you do and don’t do set the tone and climate for your work environment – especially under pressure or in a crisis situation. This is not the time to lose your cool. Your team is counting on you to lead and direct them.

5 Tips to Leading Under Pressure

1) Check your emotions at the door. Whether you are upset, disappointed and possibly even angry, there is no need to create an uncomfortable setting. The first step to operating in the solution is to create a prosperous atmosphere.

2) Be direct and forthcoming. Your ability to lead with integrity is imperative. Your team trusts you. They have faith in you and what ever comes out of your mouth.

3) Delegate. Even in the midst of a mistake or mishap, your team needs to know that you still trust them with assigned tasks and value their expertise.

4) Help wherever needed. A great leader is great because of their willingness to serve. So, roll up your sleeves and prepare yourself to work alongside your team encouraging them on along the way.

5) Say thank you. Appreciation and loyalty go hand in hand. Appreciate your team and they will be loyal to you.

Vonnya Pettigrew is the CEO and Founder of Root Branch Productions & Film Academy a full service media production firm and learning academy for youth.  She is also the author of children’s book “Lil’ V Walks Home From School,” and the Creator/Producer of the online web series “VP’s Point of View.”

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