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I thought about titling this blog, “How to repurpose everything you write,” because that is the crux of the idea here. But that would be a little boring, and I think a shelf life is something we can all relate to – from the kitchen pantry and the medicine cabinet, to a news story and a Justin Bieber song. These things have an expiration date. So how do you maximize the content you have written before its freshness turns stale?

I’ve talked before about what is necessary for a content strategy to be sustainable, but keeping ideas active and thought-provoking consistently can be a challenge. It’s often assumed that prosperous thought leaders are always creating new content. But, that’s far from the truth according to Search Engine Journal: “As I’ve observed some of the most successful content creators on the web I’ve noticed a pattern. They think like media producers instead of bloggers or online marketers. If we look to the mainstream media we see this pattern of repurposing content throughout it:

  • News isn’t created. It’s curated. Meaning, a person or group of people create the content by doing something newsworthy, and journalists repurpose it by reporting on it.  
  • Books are turned into movies and TV shows. Friday Night Lights started as a book, for example, and was later made into a movie. Then, it became a five-season TV series. The shelf life of this content was extended because it was repurposed.” 

So what are some of our tips for extending the shelf life of your content? Here is a scenario that might pertain to you … Say a media outlet has interviewed you and included your expertise in a news article – take that and run with it 

  • Use the subject matter as the topic for a blog post that extends the idea or includes more of what you discussed with the reporter (it’s rarely all included)
  • Write a blog post with a counter point
  • Write and post a comment on the article to get the attention of other readers
  • Post a comment with a link to the article in a relevant group on LinkedIn to start a discussion. Use the polling feature to build engagement
  • Tweet the article and the fact that you are in with using the appropriate @ references and hashtags
  • Offer to guest blog on the topic for your professional association’s website (assuming you are a member)

And that’s just getting started! Over the years we have really become experts at creating and repurposing content for clients in a strategic way. It’s all about utilizing the options available today to connect and extend the distance of your voice.

Lisa Tilt is Founder and President of Full Tilt Consulting (, a national brand development and content strategy firm. Contact her at lisa(at)fulltiltconsulting(dot)com.

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