Your Guide to Formula-Feeding

There comes a point in time when every mother needs to wean off their baby or look for options alternate to breastfeeding whatever the reasons may be. This is where they begin to question the suitability of formula which is used all over the world as a substitute. The debate around this topic has raged on for a long time, however formula is now more accepted and understood. If you are a new mother seeking information on switching to formula for your baby, it can get a littler overwhelming deciding on a brand. It is best to understand what feeding formula entails which has been addressed in the points below.

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Throw Away Leftovers

A baby can rack up your costs and formula only adds to this. However, in an attempt to save, do not make the mistake of feeding your baby leftover formula. If your baby does not drink it all, throw away the excess and prepare new formula. There could be bacteria from the previous feed which can be harmful for your baby’s health. Aside from thoroughly cleaning out the bottle after every feed, you need to monitor your baby’s intake if you want to reduce wastage. That way, you only need to prepare whatis necessary.

Baby Feels Fuller

Mother’s milk has a nutrition level and consistency that is unique to it alone. Formula is heavier in the stomach of a baby, particularly those made with cow’s milk. Hence, it takes longer to digest which results in less feeding times. Plus, there is another bright side which is that since baby will not be agitated with hunger, he/she will sleep soundly and well. Seeing as how babies steal sleep, this will come as welcome news for exhausted parents! If your baby does not consume much milk in general, formula is great since it keeps them full with a few feedings.


Before breast pumps came along making it possible for mothers to feed their babies off the bottle, formula was convenient. It could be made and put into milk bottles to be fed whenever required. Breastfeeding can be strenuous on mothers and even painful so formula comes as a welcome relief. Since she has to be on-call at all hours of the day, it does take its toll. Couple this with a lack of sleep and it is a wonder she can function at all. The need to wear nursing bras and other clothing conducive to breastfeeding is no longer an issue. As far as convenience goes, formula ranks up top.


Not all babies tolerate formula. Some may have allergies to them so you need to be careful. This is generally because of the milk protein that is contained in formula which is not to be confused with lactose intolerance. The best way to deduce whether your baby is allergic to the formula is by inspecting his/her stools. If you notice anything unusual like blood for instance, that is a clue. Get a doctor’s confirmation for your peace of mind and look for another option.


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