Your time, Your investment, Your choice

where-will-you-invest-your-timeAre you one of “them”?

The many who are stuck in jobs they hate, doing work they don’t find anywhere near fulfilling, spending time with people they’d rather not see, let alone spend a whole day with.

Every day, thousands go home depleted, beaten down, and frustrated.

Why do they do this?   Specifically, why do they do this to themselves?

Are you one of them?

I was.

I recently ran into this post from Seth Godin, and I wanted to share it with you, in its entirety.  (It’s short and incredibly to the point.)

“You’re not lucky to have this job, they’re lucky to have you. Every day, you invest a little bit of yourself into your work, and one of the biggest choices available to you is where you’ll be making that investment.

That project that you’re working on, or that boss you report to… worth it?

Investing in the wrong place for a week or a month won’t kill you. But spending ten years contributing to something that you don’t care about, or working with someone who doesn’t care about you… you can do better.”

But it’s so hard.

It is hard to look for another job, I know.

It’s difficult to find something that we really like and enjoy, I know.

The grass isn’t always greener on the other side of the fence.

It’s sometimes easier to deal with the “devil we know”.

Change is so hard, I know.

I was there, in that same spot, saying the same things over a year ago.   I managed to get away from an environment that wasn’t very good for me anymore.

But the decision didn’t come easy.

On hindsight, I hemmed and hawed longer than I should have.   And during that hemming and hawing, I gave an untenable situation even more of my time… even more of me that it didn’t deserve.

What if we looked at it from an investment point of view?

All the above statements may be true.  So is the fact that our time is a scarce resource which we ought to invest consciously.

Our time is a finite resource (much as we don’t want to think of it that way).

Just as we would any other limited resource, we ought not to be wasting it.

And if we HAVE TO waste it, the least we can do is to minimize blowing it away on things, or people, or activities that do not give us any joy or reward.

When we start looking at our time this way – as a precious, limited resource that ought to be invested deliberately – it becomes harder to swallow any 5-day 8-5 job situation that makes us miserable or unhappy.   Why would we do that to ourselves?

Your time, your investment, your choice

Don’t we owe it to ourselves to at least look for something else?  Difficult as that may be?  Doesn’t it make sense to continuously search for something better?

At the end of the day, you are the only one who can answer the question Seth posted:  Whatever it is you are working on right now, whatever reward you may be getting out of it… “is it worth it?”

Lou Blaser is the Founder of Second Breaks, a site dedicated to the pursuit of life’s second acts.  Visit her at

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