You’re Business is Not Ready for Systems

I’ve gotten this question, in various forms, plenty of times in the past few months.  It’s probably my favorite one to answer!

My business is only me, why do I need systems?

How do I know my business is ready for systems?

I am just starting, am I ready for one of your programs?

Coincidentally I came across this picture of what ‘SYSTEM’ stands for to Bradley J Sugars. – Save Yourself Time, Energy and Money!  I couldn’t have said it better myself.  

You create systems in your business so you can leverage your time, build your business, and make more money! What business owner doesn’t want to do that?  I couldn’t find one that disagreed with me.  Whether you’re just starting out or have been in business a while and are making six figures, your time is valuable.  Time can be more valuable than money to entrepreneurs.  I’m sure you’ve heard the saying “Time is Money!”.  Well its true.  We use our time to build our business, so it should be managed effectively. You no longer have 2 hours to spend on Facebook, can’t be distracted by ‘Shiny Object Syndrome’, or waste time repeating the cycle of your client billing process.  All that wasted time could be money on the table.

Here are the Top 3 Benefits for implementing systems, regardless of where you are in your business:

Delegation – Creating systems prepares you to hire an assistant or support staff, when you’re ready.  You will have all the processes for your staff to act on identified and completed.  Your systems will be solidly implemented because you are using them daily.  Documented systems will allow you to train staff with ease.  Your newly hired staff will be able to take a process from initiation to completion without any confusion.  Best of all you will know what skillsets are required from your systems.  Since, you now have your systems documented you know exactly what skills your staff needs to be successful and get the job done.  Documenting systems allow you to have confidence in your team, that they know what to do when you are away.  

Planning – Every business owner needs a plan.  You plans for the slow and busy  moments in your business. Knowing what tasks you have to do and how to get them done for the day is an excellent feeling to have.  You will not have to question how to process a client payment, update client information, or pay a vendor.  Your system documentation will be there for you to reference when necessary.  Especially if you rely on your staff to do it all.  If your assistant call in sick or quits, you will be prepared to continue the operations of your business with your documented systems.

Consistency – Providing a consistent client experience only allows you to grow your business.   I’ve been told, ‘money loves consistency!’  Show your clients that you can consistently deliver and they will refer your great services.  Lets the systems work for you and you will remain consistent in your business while growing your brand.

There are many benefits to implementing systems in your business, these are my top choices.  In the end Systems = Time + Money!

Be sure to listen to the replay of 5 Step Path to Cash in Big While Working Less!, I give a few of tips for breaking down the big picture, setting goals, and consistently communicating. 


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